13295 Black Mountain Road
Suite 3

San Diego, CA 92129
New Patients: (858) 275-2976
Existing Patients: (858) 538-5280
Dentist in Rancho Peñasquitos
13295 Black Mountain Road, Suite 3
San Diego, CA 92129
New Patients: (858) 275-2976
Existing Patients: (858) 538-5280
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Welcome to the Office of
Evelyn Grace S. Neglerio, DMD

Welcome to the office of Dr. Evelyn Grace Neglerio, DMD. Our doors are always open to new patients looking for a dentist in San Diego to provide personalized, quality care with your well-being and happiness in mind.

Dr. Neglerio and her team are proud to offer comprehensive dental care and treatment with your comfort being one of their many priorities from the moment you walk in. They strive to go above and beyond to educate patients to help make well informed decisions about their oral health based on their needs. As the only mother-daughter dental team in San Diego, Dr. Neglerio and her daughter "Dr. Jenny" are skilled at treating patients of all ages and take the time to understand patient's desires to help improve and maintain their oral health.

Our family was raised in the Rancho Penasquitos area, and we are passionate about bringing our community together one smile at a time. We look forward to your family becoming a part of ours!


Been coming here for years - friendly staff, great service!
Very nice staff and efficient! Thank you!
I've seen Dr. Neglerio as I've been coming back ever since. Growing up, I was never fearful of going to the dentist because Dr. Neglerio has such a gentle skill set that it never hurt. The staff is super friendly and awesome too!
My husband and I have seen Dr. Neglerio for 5 years now. We've even referred friends and family to her. She and her team are very friendly. They treat everyone like family. She never lectures or makes you feel like an idiot just because you aren't flossing properly. They just want to help and make sure your teeth and gums are in great shape. I highly recommend!
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Some Of Our Services

Teeth Whitening in Rancho Peñasquitos

Teeth Whitening

Teeth that have been stained or darkened by food, tobacco use, age, medications or injury can be lightened and brightened by means of a non-invasive process known as teeth whitening. Teeth whitening or bleaching simply refers to any process that will make the teeth appear whiter.

Dental Implants in Rancho Peñasquitos

Dental Implants

Losing a tooth due to injury, dental decay, or gum disease can happen. However, in order to avoid causing problems for the adjacent teeth and your overall dental health, it is important to replace the tooth that has been lost. This can be done a number of ways including fixed bridges, removable partial or full dentures as well as a more recent procedure known as dental implants.

Periodontal Treatment near Crestmont

Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal disease damages the surrounding soft tissues and bone that support the teeth. It is predominantly caused by the accumulation of bacteria, mucus and other particles in the form of plaque or tartar that sit between the teeth and the gums. Periodontal disease can range in severity from a simple gum inflammation, known as gingivitis, to a more serious inflammation of the periodontal tissues.

Porcelain Veeners near San Diego

Porcelain Veeners

If your teeth suffer from gaps, chips, stains, or discolorations you may be a candidate for porcelain veneers, a highly effective and minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that can achieve beautiful results. Porcelain veneers are thin facings custom-made of the highest quality ceramic materials that are designed to fit perfectly over the front of your teeth.

Root Canals in Rancho Peñasquitos

Root Canals

Endodontics, or root canal therapy, is employed when the nerve supply to a tooth has been irreversibly affected by damage or decay. It is a way to prevent or help resolve a dental infection and save a natural tooth from extraction. A root canal is performed when there is enough sound root and crown structure remaining to eventually restore form and function to the involved tooth.

Dentures Rancho Peñasquitos


Whether from disease, malnutrition, genetic disorders, or an accident sometimes it is necessary for an individual to have some or all of their teeth extracted. While this can be devastating, partial or full dentures can be fabricated to restore an attractive smile, provide needed support for normal facial contours and reestablish a highly functional occlusion.

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